6-Mile Series

The Six Mile Series is a Club Age-Graded Championship hosted through the summer months.  They are held from April to September and all dates are Wednesday evenings.  The start place is opposite the substation on the road to Lunanhead.

Runs start at 1845hrs on Wednesdays  (please turn up at least 15 minutes before).  Start times are handicapped, so everyone should finish on the following hour.  Volunteers for timekeeping duties are always appreciated.

Guests are welcome to join in, even if it is for one lap.  Guest runners results are marked with an * and do not count toward the Six Mile Championship.

For safety reasons, please try to run on pavements where and when possible as the road in and out of Lunanhead can be busy at times.  If wearing headphones, keep one ear out and don’t have the volume so loud that you can’t hear traffic.


Wednesday 3rd April
Wednesday 1st May
Wednesday 5th June
Wednesday 3rd July
Wednesday 14th August
Wednesday 4th September

2023 6 mile results