Angus HAM – 2017

As we drove to Monikee Country Park for Angus Half Marathon we all had our worries. Joe was coming back from injury, Angie has problems with her knee, Becky and Ros didn’t feel like she had trained enough and I was petrified my Achilles was going to flare up again.

When we arrived we saw Andy and Becky were running from the club! Becky seemed determined to run a PB and Andy was going to run with her. Grant was also on the start line feeling a little unprepared.

I started well and ran my first few miles as though I was on for a PB. At mile 7 Ros caught me up and was running strong. Flying past me she took the lead for FRR ladies!

Mile 8 my Achilles was painful and my calf was screaming. I did consider pulling out. I was later to discover that Angie felt the same after less than a mile with knee pain. But we both dug deep and found courage to complete the race.

I struggled on and by mile 10 Becky had caught me! Cat and mouse race began. But Becky was running strong and overtook to take second FRR ladies place.

I walked the last hill before turning into the park again for the home stretch. I saw the clock……I didn’t want my personal worst to be over 2 hours so I managed to find an inner strength and ignored all my pain and sprinted across the finish line with a time of 1:59:54.

Fantastic results from all FRR team members today!

Joe Welsh 9th overall 1:31:00 – 2nd male vet, Grant Reynaulds 1:38:22, Ros Kilduff 1:56:01, Becky McCarthy- Smith 1:59:07 – PB, Roz Shanks 1:59:54, Andy Findlay 2:00:43, Becky Whyte 2:00:43 – 20 minute PB, Angie Mackenzie 2:14:08.

Roz Shanks