Devil’s Burdens Relay

On Saturday 23rd January, 6 Forfar Road Runner ladies took on the Devils Burden’s Relay hosted by Fife AC. The race spans 21 miles over the ‘Lomonds of Fife’ and is split into 4 legs and we had a lovely clear day for the run. Leg 1, an undulating 4.5 mile run, 220m climb from Falkland to Strathmiglo, was taken on by Lynn Henderson – who sailed through the leg in 32:00! Then, Deborah Kenward and Rosalind Shanks took on Leg 2, a 6 mile run, 680m climb and the hardest leg, from Strathmiglo to Kinneswood, over Fifes highest summit ‘West Lomond’. This leg is rough and uneven and very tough to run, the girls did amazingly well and finished in 2:00:40. Then Angela Beattie and Sarah Clark began leg 3, a 7 mile run, 410m climb from Kinneswood back to Falkland. This leg was more runnable than leg 2 (but still hard) and, after some rough ground, took in the main tourist path from West Lomond and then through Maspie Den. The girls finished in a time of 1:29:59. Finally, Liz Milne ran the mighty leg 4, a straight up and down leg that spans just over 3 miles but with a climb of 390m from Falkland and back over East Lomond, the 2nd highest summit seen in the ‘Lomonds of Fife’. Liz finished in a time of 52:08! The team finished 120th overall in a time of 4:54:47, a great time for us – and had a great time just taking part in one of the best hill races in the Scottish Hill Racing calendar.

2 of our runners need to be acknowledged for going the extra mile and sticking by their team:

Firstly, Roz Shanks, who ran with Liz for support for leg 4 (after running the grueling leg 2) and at the same time gaining a personal record of reaching the summit of both East and West lomond in the same day; and Secondly (but not least), Lynn Henderson for running the whole entire route!!! Lynn ran an outstanding 21 miles and climbed 1700m and stuck with and supported her team the whole way round. Lynn’s run has been acknowledged by Fife AC and she has her place on the Devils Burdens Solo times as only the 3rd person recorded on their website as having done so. Lynn’s solo time is as the FRR team time of 4:54:47!!!

We all went home a bit sore, but with big cheesy smiles as we reflected on our amazing achievements. We are already looking forward to next year.