Forfar Hill Race

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Friday 30th June 2017

CHANGE OF VENUE FOR REGISTRATION Registration 6.30pm in The Troopers Function Suite (Queens Hotel) , Race starts 7.30pm

                                   Entry £2 


This race is somewhere about 4.5 miles starting at Reid Park Road and quickly ascending to Bummie, from there on you’re in the hands of the marshals.

Keep your eyes peeled as there’s the odd arrow / marker on a tree, stone, path or cow (let’s hope Daisy doesn’t move).

One thing is for sure you’ll more than likely descend to ascend again tackling the slate quarry and maybe the odd field (depending which crops the local farmer has planted).

On the final descent you run out of Reid Park and head towards town with a welcome cheer to be greeted by the familiar sign of a stopwatch and clipboard.


Results 2016:

Position Name Club Time
1  Craig Stewart  FRR 34:06
2  Lynn Henderson  FRR 34:34
3  John Mill  Dundee Road Runners 36:04
4  Tracy Morgan  FRR 36:24
5  Dale Pass  Unattached 36:42
6  Ian Beattie  Arbroath Footers 36:46
7  Mark Stewart  Dundee Road Runners 39:32
8  Ron Milne  FRR 39:34
9  Ralph Brand  FRR 41:20
10  Philip Milne  FRR 43:00
11  Jagoda Penkala Arbroath Footers 43:31
12  Billy Douglas  FRR 44:21
13  Debbie Kenward  FRR 44:25
14  Roz Shanks  FRR 44:32
15  Liz Milne  FRR 45:10
16  Keith Jackson  Unattached 46:09
17  Morven Wilson  FRR 46:11
18  Phyona Kidd  Unattached 46:30
19  Rosemary Lee  Fifa AC 46:54
20  Steve Cromar  Dundee Hawkhill 47:37
21  Chris Elliot  Arbroath Footers 49:31
22  Mark Watt  FRR 50:25
23  Bob Thornton  Fife AC 50:26
24  Alan Kennedy  Dundee Hawkhill 51:58
25  Graham Bennison  Fife AC 53:16
First male team First female team
Forfar Road Runners Forfar Road Runners
Craig Stewart Lynn Henderson
Ron Milne Tracy Morgan
Ralph Brand Debbie Kenward

Male Vet: Ian Beattie
Male Senior: Keith Jackson
Female Vet: Debbie Kenward
Female Senior :Roz Shanks

A special thanks to our sponsors, McLaren’s Bakery, for providing the Forfar Bridies and The Osnaburg Bar for allowing us to host Race Registration and Prizegiving.