Award Winners

Club Running Champions 2016


Well done and a BIG thanks to all those who took part in the years events and supported the club by attending races, 6 milers and all the administration that goes on behind the scenes.


Mens Open – Brian McGibbon Ladies Open – Lynn Henderson
Mens Vet – Jack Davies Ladies Vet – Elizabeth Montgomery-Fox
Mens 6 Mile – Jack Davies Ladies 6 Mile – Debbie Kenward
Mens 1/2 Marathon – Brian McGibbon  Ladies 1/2 Marathon – Roz Shanks
Mens Off-Road – Ron Milne Ladies Off-Road – Donna Pass
Mens Ultra Champion – Ron Milne Ladies Ultra Champion – Angie Mackenzie
Club Most Improved –  Debbie Kenward
Presidents Shield – Sam Connelly
Club Best Newcomer – Andrea Strachan, Mark Watt
Mens Bill Logan Age Graded – Jack Davies
Womens Bill Logan Age Graded – Lynn Henderson


The club championship rules and regulations are now available as a PDF.