Award Winners

Club Running Champions 2017


Well done and a BIG thanks to all those who took part in the years events and supported the club by attending races, 6 milers and all the administration that goes on behind the scenes.


Mens Open

1st Jack Davies 93 pts

2ndRon Milne 83 pts

3rd Simon Dechant 77pts

Ladies Open

1st Lynn Henderson 103 pts

2nd Hazel Robbie 89 pts

3rd Sarah Clark 81 pts

Mens Vet

1st Ron Milne



Ladies Vet

1st Liz Milne – 57 pts

2nd Angie Mackenzie 51 pts

3rd Susan McIntosh 24 pts

Mens 6 Mile

1st Jack Davies

2nd Ron Milne

3rd Brian Niblock

Ladies 6 Mile

1st Debbie Kenward

2nd Ros Kilduff

3rd Angie Mackenzie

Mens 1/2 Marathon

1st Jack Davies 5 hr 49m 05s

2nd Jimmy Keenan 5 58 05s


 Ladies 1/2 Marathon

1st Sarah Clark 5hr 49 min 17 s

2nd Angie Mackenzie 6 08 26s

3rd Susan McIntosh 6 15 46s

Mens Off-Road

1st Ron Milne 90 pts

2nd Jimmy Keenan 71 pts

=3rd  Craig Stewart 53 pts

Alan Welsh

Ladies Off-Road

1st Sarah Clark 83 pts

2nd Liz Milne 73 pts

3rd Debbie Kenward 54 pts

Mens Ultra Champion

1st  Ron Milne 30 pts

2nd Philip Milne 10 pts

3rd Steve Robbie 8 pts

Ladies Ultra Champion

1st  Roz Shanks 38 pts

2nd Liz Milne 30 pts

3rd Angie Mackenzie 16 pts

Bill Logan Age Graded Champions

Mens                                                               Ladies

1st Jack Davies 81.97%                          1st Lynn Henderson 77.85%

2nd Alan Welsh 76.52%                            2nd Debbie Kenward 74.05%

3rd Ron Milne 71.24%                               3rd Maria Sheehan 73.61%


Club Most Improved –  Sarah Clark

Presidents Shield – Lynn Henderson
Club Best Newcomer – Ros Kilduff


The club championship rules and regulations are now available as a PDF.